Our Code of Conduct

    As a sign of our commitment to our Code of Ethics, the Corporate Compliance Policies and good governance, we assume to ensure compliance with the obligations and commitments in all our contractual relationships, respecting current legislation. For this reason, we make the 'Complaints Channel' available to all our interested parties.


The objective of the Channel is to serve as a communication tool, where any person with relevant information can file a complaint in the event of a breach of the rules, irregular conduct, in accordance with Law 2/2023. In addition to complying with the legal

Integrity and responsibility

It is designed, established and managed in a secure manner to guarantee the confidentiality of the complainant and of all those persons who may be mentioned during the actions that may be carried out in the management and processing of complaints, respecting at all times the protection of data and preventing access by unauthorized personnel.


Carry out all the necessary investigations in an integral, impartial and confidential manner, taking the necessary measures based on the objective results of the investigations carried out. Informing the complainant about the status of their complaint and maintaining their confidentiality at all times.